Hello to All That

You might have noticed we published an excerpt from John Falk's memoir Hello to All That: War, Zoloft, and Peace. I got an advance copy of that book in the mail back in November when going through a sort of near-winter depression, and it helped quite a bit to read about someone who was so depressed they travelled to a war zone to get over it.

On Mondays and Tuesdays I used to tape Christine Klein's Natural Resource Law classes at the UF law school, and I'd bring this book along with me to pass the time. It was pretty normal for me to carry review copies to her class, but this is the only one I actually recommended to her. She was a very kind-spirited person, a Boulder refugee who seemed interested in a variety of things, and I actually miss taping her classes because she had a knack for mentioning obscure places (like Estes Park, Colorado) that I had visited as a youngster. Plus, she incorporated a lot of neat pictures of national parks into her lectures.

Anyway, Hello to All That is one of the better books I've read in recent months, which is why I saw fit to post a clip from it.

-Matt Borondy

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