Green Jobs for Whom?

Over at In These Times, Christopher Weber explores the development of green jobs and asks such questions as: "Will these jobs be as plentiful--and as worker-friendly--as the new administration and environmentalists would have us believe? And can green businesses really create opportunities for workers given the current economic crisis?"

Good news for Christopher and others in the green-jobs movement: today, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (that would be the other guy John McCain kept referring to as a "socialist" in last year's campaign) was named chairman of the new Senate subcommittee on green jobs.

"We're going to use this subcommittee to do everything we can to create millions of good-paying jobs in the United States as we move forward to a new energy system based on efficiency and sustainable energy," Sanders said Tuesday. "The potential for job growth in this area is bigger than almost anything else I can think of."

You go, Bernie!

P.S. For actual green jobs, check out

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