Give Us All Your (Poems About) Money!

Hello. As you might be aware, our poetry submissions have been closed for some time, and we still haven't added a new poetry editor. (You should apply.) However, I have decided to re-open poetry submissions temporarily, with one condition: they have to be about money.

Identity Theory will accept poetry submissions about money, via email, for a while. I don't know, maybe until the end of September? Yeah, the end of September sounds good. Then we will publish them all at once, presumably in October. Well, not all of the poems. Just the ones that are either funny or deep or otherwise worth putting out into the world.

So, send your ORIGINAL poems about money to me personally at with the words "Poetry Submission" in the subject line. I will probably send you a nice rejection, but that doesn't mean I am a better poet than you or that you are not a good person. It just means I am really freaking picky. (You should see me at the dinner table.)

Anyway, there's one other thing: the author of the "best" poem will receive a copy of The Heaven-Sent Leaf (a collection of poems about money) autographed by its author, Katy Lederer.

That's right. A free book of poetry. Signed. By Katy Lederer. Just for sending us. Your poem. About money. And you might get published!

What are you waiting for?

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2 thoughts on “Give Us All Your (Poems About) Money!”

  1. Hi,
    When are you coming out with the new issue of the magazine that will publish the poems on money?I had sent a poem but have not received any response-neither rejection nor acceptance.Still I would like to see the poems that were accepted!

  2. meron po bang yung talagang script ng poems????????

    yung may-ari n2 sana pakilagay plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………

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