Girls Start to Speak Out About Violence Against Women

"Studies have shown that up to 46 percent of women in developing countries have experienced at least one episode of sexual abuse in childhood. Most girls in developing countries live in a world completely devoid of safety. In a previous blog I talked about a World Bank study that found that as far as poor girls are concerned, the police are actually a source of insecurity rather than security. Instead of the authorities protecting girls from violence, the authorities were the source of the violence, just as Assiya experienced."
-Maria Eitel-

Read more of "In the Face of Extraordinary Risk, Three Girls Demand Justice" here.

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  1. I believe that sexual abuse is never okay because if you are doing out of love than you obviously don't truely love them. However, if you did than you would want to love them properly because they are the ones that may you happy all the time.

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