Free Aung San Suu Kyi

11myanmar.inline.190 782244"The door remains open for the regime to respect the wishes of the Burmese people and international community, and to step toward the path of engagement after so many years of isolation."
-United States Department of State-

Aung San Suu Kyi, the visionary Burmese pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, was sentenced Tuesday to three years of hard labor for violating the terms of her house arrest, but her sentence was quickly commuted to a new term of house arrest of up to 18 months (as reported by the New York Times). She was first sentenced to house arrest in 1989

To learn more about her and the Burmese struggle for freedom, I suggest two excellent books -- Letters From Burma (her memoir) and Amitav Ghosh's The Glass Palace, a novel about Burma and India.

To learn how to take action, please visit these organizations online: US Campaign for Burma, The Freedom Campaign, and Burma Campaign UK. If you have another way or idea to raise awareness, please share it in our comments section.

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