Finding a Publisher for a Poetry Book

Q: I have put together a poetic tribute to Ogden Nash that I have written and would like to have published but don't have the money to do so on my own. It contains about 64 poems.

I would like to know if you know of anyone who might be interested in publishing it, or helping financially to get it published. I have tried and been unable to find anyone yet. Info about me and my poetry can be found at I am also listed in the Directory of Poets and Writers at and was recently named Best New Poet of the Year 2005 by Muses Review. Thank You.

The title of my chapbook is Witty Is Pretty But Candor Is Grandor! A Poetic Tribute To Ogden Nash.

-Richard Walker

A: It's very difficult to find major houses these days that still publish books of poetry; those who still do only publish the major poets, such as Maya Angelou and Billy Collins. Independent presses and university presses still publish collections of poetry, typically by poets who win contests or have a solid reputation in the poetry community. Graywolf is one of the best known of these. Also, if you glance through Poets & Writers magazine, you'll find many ads and listings that advertise contests and calls for submissions for poetry and fiction.

For all poets seeking publication, your first stop should be a market guide such as Poet's Market (which my company publishes) or Directory of Poetry Publishers. You can also search poetry markets online at Duotrope's Digest.

The most likely publisher for your work would be one who either already publishes Ogden Nash's work or otherwise has a connection to that poet (such as the University of Texas). If those places do not express interest, then I recommend self-publishing through an affordable service like Lulu.

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