Featured Author: Tyler Smith

After growing fatter in Houston, Texas, where
he allegedly received a degree in Latin American Studies and English
at Rice University, Tyler Stoddard Smith decided to put his degrees
to work by going to the nexus of English Lit and Latin American
Studies—Prague. He ran around in Prague for a while with his
friend and drank absinthe, ultimately finding himself suspended
from the Charles Bridge in a full wedgie for reading The Unbearable
Lightness of Being
in Portuguese to the Czech luge team.

From there he moved on to Florence, where he began a period of
being escorted away from cultural landmarks by the eponymous Calvino
“the Unreasonable” who seems to frown on the spilling
of gelati all over ancient artifacts. Before high-tailing back stateside
for some creative writing at the University of Colorado at Boulder,
Mr. Smith was exiled from Italy because of a mime. Rather, he engaged
in a "mime fight" outside the Uffizi and wound up stuck
in an imaginary box for two days until his friend could muster up
the lira to get him a furlough.

Aside from whipping
Allen Ginsberg’s ASS
at “Frogger,” Mr. Smith
has a vast array of celebrity “friends.” He once tried
to buy Uma Thurman a pack of cigarettes on 23rd street in New York,
was stood up for a drink by Eric Stoltz and Noah Baumbach at the
Omni hotel in Houston, elbowed by Pete Rose at the airport in San
Francisco and had beer poured on his head by John Goodman in New

His literary influences range from Fitzgerald to family and friends
and he is not afraid to break up with you if you can’t abide
the band AC/DC. Tyler Smith would like to provide a web address
or what he likes to call a “link” to a website, but
he took a wrong turn somewhere in Ludditeville and is currently
stuck on the information super dirt road. His works of fiction,
non-fiction and poetry have appeared or are forthcoming in:
Boxcar Poetry Review
, The Bullfight Review, Modern
, Monkeybicycle and Yankee Pot Roast
among others.

He is currently at work on a novel that features 4th grade, Macbeth
and a kid with a bad lisp. For more (or less) information on Tyler
Smith, feel free to e-mail him at: stoddard.smith@gmail.com

And for those about to rock, he salutes you.

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