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breslin, susannahSusannah

Breslin was born and raised in Berkeley, California, which, of course,

explains it all. A faculty-brat of the highest order, Breslin grew up

riding horses, reading of Tove Jansson's Moomins, and avoiding both hippies

and feminists. After dropping out of high-school at the last minute, she

ended up later earning a B.A. in Literature at U.C. Berkeley. Several

of her years were subsequently spent toiling away in the constipated bowels

of the University of Illinois at Chicago's Program for Writers, bonding

with ex-communist-turned-premiere-novelist Lily James (http://www.lilylit.com).

Breslin then returned to Northern California and started up The Postfeminist

Playground webzine with James; postfeminism has since been disseminated,

and the domain has since been overtaken by a porno site.

In 1998, Susannah began writing tawdry tales about various topics, among


sex 'n' porn, for magazines and went tete-a-tete in a Postfeminist vs

Feminist Battle of the Boobs with the decidedly unfriendly Erica Jong


"Politically Incorrect." Having also somehow been invited to

visit the set of

a porn movie, and been duly impressed, her fate was sealed and Breslin

promptly moved to live the high life in Los Angeles.

In recent years, she has squandered her time and money studying the world

of Porn Valley and other subjects related and not-related in non-fiction

and fiction formats for venues such as Salon, Harper's Bazaar, Details,

Detour, LA Weekly, San Francisco Examiner Magazine, Oneworld, Playboy.com,

Vancouver Sun, Nerve, Arena, and Glue among other publications.

She has also appeared on CNN during Blowgate insightfully inquiring, "What

girl wouldn't want to nail the President?"; defined teledildonics

for a suspiciously overtly confused Candice Bergen; and condoned obscenity

of all kinds and types on "The E! True Hollywood Story: Larry Flynt."

Most recently, she made the cover of The SF Examiner (http://www.examiner.com/news/default.jsp?story=n.femporn.0311w),

is shooting arty behind-the-scenes photos in the adult industry, and has

made a bukkake comix for the fine pages of the forthcoming Dirty Stories

III from super-cool Fantagraphics.

Daily, Susannah drinks coffee at her home in Los Feliz, chats with her

cat Kurtis, and brings terror into the life of her stoic boyfriend, robot

artist Christian Ristow (http://www.ChristianRistow.com).

She is working away on a short story collection, If Only These Hands

Could Talk, as well as a novel, Reverse Cowgirl, and various

other projects involving photography, comix, and vigorously dismembered

small dolls.

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