Ed Banger Records

ed banger records album cover

The sublime moments on Vice Records’ Ed Banger compilation—from
Radar Rider’s badass opening anthem “Mr. Flash,”
to Justice’s tribal “Waters of Nazareth”—make
you feel like American Apparel panty mogul Dov Charney sealing the
deal on a private photo shoot. That is, like an ugly man at the
height of a cocaine, power, and pomade bender. Or better yet just
super sexy. They’re all Marshall stacks and big beats, alternately
buffed and scuffed through Pro Tools to make a singular sound just
this side of revolutionary. But the dull moments—from Uffie’s
narcoleptic “Pop the Glock” to Vicarious Bliss’
“Theme From Vicarious Bliss” (which gets not one chance
to be boring, but two!)—feel as pedestrian as, well, as some
of the chumps ridiculed in Vice Magazine. The chapeau, the beard,
the track suit, the gold chains . . . enough! But, then again, Ed
Banger Records is run by longtime Daft Punk manager Pedro Winter,
so it’s no shock that the project could, like Daft Punk, get
a little tiresome after its initial illicit high. It’s a digital
download-only affair available from the Vice Records website (www.vicerecords.com),
or from your dealer, if your dealer is French.

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