Earth Day Top Ten

It's Earth Day's 38th get out there and celebrate, or at least consider doing one thing to benefit the environment on April 22. Here's Identity Theory's Top Ten things to do on Earth Day:

1. Shake Some Action. Find out what you can do in your own city, town or neighborhood. Visit Earth Day Network, or the EPA's web site to browse volunteer opportunities.

2. Start At Home. Somebody famous said, "the revolution starts at home" (I think). There are so many simple, energy-smart things you can do around the house. In addition to recycling, consider switching out the six bulbs you use the most to CFLs. Then, get these to show-off to all your friends.

3. Compare Notes. Energy policy will clearly be on the top of the deck for the next president of the United States. Find our where John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama stand now.

4. Make the Call. Got something to say to your representative or senator about climate change legislation or environmental policy? Get on the horn.

5. Travel More. Volunteer with Earthwatch Institute and travel alongside scientists and researchers to preserve coral reefs and save endangered species.

6. Go Back to School. A bunch of colleges and universities now offer "green" academic programs. University of Texas-Austin offers a masters degree in sustainable design and other school are following suite. Already working in the green sector? Get together for Green Drinks, an organization that schedules meet-ups.

7. Eat Up! lists seven foods you should add to your grocery list, from Stonyfield Yogurt to Carbon Neutral Wineries. These companies are carbon-offsetting so these foods don't contribute to climate change.

8. Make An Eco-Resolution. Use a green calculator to figure out how small changes in your everyday life could positively impact the environment. Then, pick one action and stick with it for the year.

9. Get in the Sack. Yes, there are a plethora of ways to green your sex life, and Treehugger has got an exhaustive list of what you can do between your bamboo bed sheets.

10. Look Beyond This List. For more ideas, check out the New York Times Magazine's Green Issue.

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