Doctors Without Borders’ "Top Ten Humanitarian Crises of 2008"

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) released its "Top Ten Humanitarian Crises of 2008" this week. The crises include:

1. Somalia's Humanitarian Catastrophe Worsens
2. Critical Health Needs in Myanmar Remain Unmet
3. Health Crisis Sweeps Zimbabwe as Violence and Economic Collapse Spread
4. Civilians Trapped as War Rages in Eastern Congo
5. Millions of Malnourished Children Left Untreated Despite Advances in Lifesaving Nutritional Therapies
6. Critical Need of Assistance in Ethiopia's Somali Region
7. Civilians Killed and Forced to Flee as Fighting Intensifies in Northwestern Pakistan
8. No End in Sight to Violence and Suffering in Sudan
9. Iraqi Civilians in Urgent Need of Assistance
10. HIV/TB Co-infections Posses Health Battle on Two Fronts

You can help relieve the suffering by making a donation to MSF here.

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