Democracy Now! Celebrates MLK

Listen in to Democracy Now! for a special one-hour feature on Dr. King's life and legacy, forty years after his assassination.

Martin Luther King 776521 The segment features Rev. Jesse Jackson, Harry Belafonte, Dr. Vincent Harding (who wrote King's major antiwar speech, "Beyond Vietnam"), Taylor Rogers, Charles Cabbage, Jerry Williams, Judge D'Army Bailey -- all friends, colleagues, and activists motivated by King. You will also hear King giving his major speech against the Vietnam War and his last public address given the night before his death.

Also check out Amy Goodman's column, "Where Do We Go From Here." An excerpt:

"King made an essential link between poverty at home and war-making abroad. The connection, sadly, is as relevant today as it was the last year of King's life. A new report from the Institute for Policy Studies, '40 Years Later: The Unrealized American Dream,' lays out key elements of the inequality that African-Americans experience in the United States around education, employment and wealth accumulation."

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