Dark Skin: A Poem

Soothing, tempered, absorbing
The Sun, making it its own.

Earthy and rich, taming Nature,
Human nature, bringing emotion

And discontent, under control
By disarming the owner of his

Or her invective. Dive in and
Swim in the currents of Dark

Flesh. It is like the Womb, all
Over again, for those who seek

Its comfort, and joy. White skin does
Not have it, red, yellow or brown. Sorry!

No mulatto or quadroon can qualify either,
But deep dark and Black, you've seen it, maybe tried
to turn

Away, wondering why He created "ugliness,"
While the ugliness is in You,

Viewer, for thinking such thoughts. The next time then
When you see an African, a West Indian, a Southern

Black, or an "intact" Negro anywhere else,
Mark your reaction quickly,

So it will not carry you into existential shame, then
For a moment if you would, become that Hue and then
walk the planet itself,

As a giant,
As if the planet were your very own.

The earth, your very footsteps
Will not feel the same.

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