Coming Up Short For American Families

"It has meant parents having to forgo a child's high school or college graduation or a PTA meeting because twenty percent of America's workers do not have any vacation or personal days. It has meant parents tag teaming their shifts to provide their children supervision leading to increased divorce rates because they can't afford child care. It has meant families who are more stressed out as jobs become more and more insecure. And it has meant more families just struggling to get by with one out of every three workers making less than what it takes to have basic self-sufficiency. All this has been dumped on the already sagging shoulders of working families while government has stood on the sidelines."
-Beth Shulman-

Read Shulman's article "Conservative Assault On America's Families" for an analysis on how conservative public policy is limiting the choices of everyday Americans. You should also check out her book, "The Betrayal of Work: How Low-Wage Jobs Fail 30 Million Americans".

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