Bush Vetoes Anti-Torture Bill

Amidst the news of the continuing battle for the Democratic nomination, and the shocking end to Eliot Spitzer's political career, President Bush vetoed an intelligence authorization bill which would have prevented the CIA and other US agents from using waterboarding, sexual humiliation, dogs and other techniques that amount to torture and ill-treatment. Click here for more about the provisions of the proposed act.

Bush claims the "need to maintain a separate CIA program that will shield from disclosure to al Qaeda and other terrorists the interrogation techniques they may face upon capture...I cannot sign into law a bill that would prevent me, and future Presidents, from authorizing the CIA to conduct a separate, lawful intelligence program, and from taking all lawful actions necessary to protect Americans from attack."

Amnesty International is calling on Congress to "immediately mandate an independent investigation into the heaps of highly credible evidence of illegal and inhumane actions in the war on terror, and then prosecute those responsible promptly." To take action click here.

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