The Bride of Jesus: A Poem

What to say to the night,
Which enfolds your body in warmth
Allowed to me only in dreams.
How to arrange the wind to play the other direction,
Where I do not breathe your harmony?
Shameful sun!
Her rays dare to unveil the green
Of your eyes in every drop of acid rain.
Should not every unkind rose
Wither quietly,
So your beauty stops blooming
Petal after petal?
A holocaust of fire forever at the bottom of the
It’s brutal without your heart.
The seas slowly sipped by Father Time,
All life absorbed by the depth of your soul,
Arriving at the back of my eyelid,
Beyond the grim brown of my eye…
Reaching through my dreams,
Letting go as I ache
For the loneliness of yesterday,
To be rid of what was
You & I.

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