Monday’s Margins: Sh*t Book Reviewers Say, Jo Nesbø, Jonathan Franzen

Sh*t Book Reviewers Say (Video by Ron Charles)

Crime Pays: Jo Nesbø Talks about Killing Harry Hole and the Best Job in the World (Robert Birnbaum interview at The Millions)

Jonathan Franzen, The Art of Fiction No. 207 (The Paris Review Interview, Winter 2010)

Circus Love "I opened the door to the bite of marijuana and the vision of Strong with his boots unhooked and his pants off, passing a joint to the newest pretty-ish circus woman -- holding his breath as though he needed oxygen but not mine." (Fiction by Meg Pokrass)

Runaway. Street musician. Cab driver. Novelist. The protean career of Vanessa Veselka. (Reed Magazine) (HT Richard Nash)

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