Bonnaroo Blog: Now with 100% more music!

OK, these blogs have been woefully short of actual music content. Allow me to remedy this:

Once, I watched the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on HDNet in Central Park. Karen O was nuts -- writhing on stage, ripping off stuff, just really going crazy. Today, she sang very well, but didn't have the same insane energy I saw on TV. Also, some instrument wasn't tuned right for "Maps", the YYYs' proclaimed #1 song, so Karen did it acoustic. While cool and rare and enjoyable to hear, it lost a bit of its emotional punch. Still a good set, though.

I was going to see Ani DiFranco, but as I was getting food (which is disappointedly hit-or-miss, and hereon I avoid kebabs) Al Green struck up -- his energy and charisma got me to stay and check it out. I think it was Rolling Stone who said he could have off nights, but he was ON tonight. No one's here expressly to see Al, but the crowd got into it quite a bit.

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