when asked how to avoid being seen as racist: A Poem by Matthew E. Henry

Two white and brown goats
Photo by BAILEY MAHON on Unsplash

when asked how to avoid being seen as racist

...well, it’s like the old joke about “Fergus
the goat-fucker.” that’s the punchline. he fucked
a wee goat, but laments the moniker’s
accuracy more than his enjoyment
of drunken kid sodomy. I assume
it was only the one time, but something
engorged him—something a stiff pint of Guinness
roused from flaccid slumber, but didn’t conceive.
even the Bible at Fergus’ bedside says
the mouth speaks the heart, though I assume other
appendages follow suit. to answer
your question, those with a legitimate
worry should avoid petting zoos and farms,
or at least keep their zippers closed until
they’ve addressed the wooly desire within.

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