Robert Birnbaum

Robert Birnbaum’s Social Security number ends in 2247. He lives in zip code 02465 and area code 617. He was born in the 2nd month of a year in the 20th century. He doesn’t social network (used as a verb) except through his Cuban retriever Beny (named after Beny More, the Frank Sinatra of Cuba). Izzy Birnbaum also has cloud storage and uses electronic mail. He hopes his son Cuba is the second coming of Pudge Rodriguez. He mutters to himself at Our Man In Boston. E-mail:

Amy Bloom

Amy Bloom

"I feel it's an incredibly high standard that you have to hold the short story to because there is no room for that really common, perfectly understandable difficulty."

Andre Dubus III House of Sand and Fog cover

Andre Dubus III

"Every semester I get writers who are much more gifted than I am -- and more gifted than others -- and you can see they have this natural ability. I've seen over the years that doesn't make a whit of difference. You need something else."

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