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Rachel C. Lewis and Susannah Betts

Rachel C. Lewis is a 22 y/o essayist from the east coast pursuing an MFA in Nonfiction on the west coast. She has been published in a couple places. Rachel was the nonfiction editor of Colonnades Literary and Art Journal, and she is currently a Co-Founder of The Fem Literary Magazine, and a blogger for Paper Darts. She’s read submissions for Sugared Water and Bodega. As a biracial bisexual, she exists in the in-between. Rachel tweets and is on Instagram as @RachelCharleneL.  Susannah Betts is a queer 22-year-old writer, artist and optics graduate student living in Rochester, NY. She is the fiction editor of the Fem, and her writing has appeared in the Greenblotter, Synaesthesia, Five2One, Vagabond City Lit and Crab Fat Lit Mag. She can be contacted @TheRealSusannah or through 

Where It Grows


I’m standing in the grocery store balancing cloves of garlic in either hand. They are for my vagina.

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