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Monday’s Margins: Bin Laden’s Dead and We Aren’t Going to Disney World; Famous Writers Self-Promoting from the Grave

Did you hear the news? Obama — er, Osama — was killed last night. (See facepalm above.)

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Stories of Prohibition and the Return of Identity Theory

“Prohibition never works,” except as a subject for the latest features on Identity Theory.

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8 Billion Lives: Amy Miller, Barnet, VT

8 Billion Lives is a platform for short documentary films, each featuring a day in the life of a real person.

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"Shaker Star" by Eef Barzelay: Song of the Week

“Shaker Star” by Eef Barzelay is the Identity Theory Song of the Week.View the video above, visit Eef Barzelay on MySpace, and look forward to an interview on Identity Theory’s music section relating to Barzelay in the coming weeks.

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Monday’s Margins: Christopher Hitchens, Hugo Award Nominees, Roger Ebert, Daniel Okrent

Martin Amis hails the peerless intelligence and rhetorical ingenuity of his exceptional friend, Christopher Hitchens.

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Identity Theory Fiction on Million Writers Award "Notable Stories of 2010" List

Congrats to Michelle Lawrence and CJ Hallman for making storySouth’s list of Notable Stories of 2010.

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Monday’s Margins: E-books, Pulitzers and a Redneck Memoir

The Morning News got it right: Shortly after winning the 2011 Tournament of Books, Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad won the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction.Robert Birnbaum doesn’t understand why no American publisher had the intelligence to publish Joe Bageant’s Rainbow Pie: A Redneck Memoir.Should green-minded readers switch to e-books?Godless in Tumourville: Great, […]

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Monday’s Margins: Francisco Goldman and "Say Her Name"

Everybody’s talking about the new Francisco Goldman novel. As Michele Filgate Tweeted, “So happy to see all the Twitter love for Francisco Goldman’s SAY HER NAME. Everyone should read SHN. It’s extraordinarily good.”We found an excerpt from Say Her Name, which begins: “Aura died on July 25, 2007. I went back to Mexico for the […]

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Monday’s Margins: Jennifer Egan Wins Tournament of Books

It’s been almost a year. We’re happy to be back.A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan just won The Morning News 2011 Tournament of Books, edging Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom.HTMLGIANT asks: Is David Foster Wallace the American Roberto Bolano?This Saturday, April 9th is Dzanc Day, aka National Workshop Day.On Identity Theory: we posted a […]

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Back in Black

Identity Theory will return the week of April 4th.

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"Interpellation Made Simple" Wins August Facebook Contest

Members of the Identity Theory Facebook Group were recently asked to name their favorite Identity Theory story of all time.

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Hey, Joel Osteen, I Like Your Teeth!

Joel Osteen Become a Better You cover

I was thinking the other day, how can I become a better me? And then I realized, hey, didn’t that smiley guy from TV write a book about that?

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The Man Nobody Knows

Having watched two full seasons of Mad Men on DVD this month, I’ve had old-school advertising on the brain pretty much nonstop lately. Season two of the hit AMC drama about Madison Avenue frequently intersects the Catholic Church with the advertising industry, which got me thinking about the role of consumer culture in the perception […]

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Lit and Writing Links of Marginal Interest, 9-3-09

The PEN American Center announced its Beyond Margins Award winners.Lorrie Moore has a new book out. Here’s an old interview with her from The Believer.Gretchen Rubin offers 13 Tips For Actually Getting Some Writing Done.The Positivity Blog reveals Ernest Hemingway’s Top 9 Words of Wisdom.For those of you suffering from writer’s block, Writer’s Digest has […]

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Workplace Violations Impact Refugees

Post contributed by George Wright of the Institute for Social and Economic DevelopmentToday’s posting contains two pieces of sobering news – both impacting refugees. A study out today – funded by the Ford, Joyce, Haynes, and Russell Sage Foundation – shows that lowest-wage workers in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago are routinely paid […]

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