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Making up for lost time

Jeannette Walls’ nicely written memoir The Glass Castle is hanging out in my laptop case. I’ve enjoyed the first few chapters and hope to finish it this week and maybe talk to her about the book for Identity Theory. I also picked up as a birthday present to myself Reb Anderson’s Being Upright: Zen Meditation […]

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We’re Not Racists, We Promise

In a recent Identity Theory newsletter, I posed the question, "Does anyone know of any good Oriental places to eat in Austin?"

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What RB’s Reading

I’m reading:No Country for Old Men – Cormac McCarthyLazar Malkin Enters Heaven – Steve SternLong Way Down – Nick HornbyReversing the Curse – Dan ShaughnessySeamanship – Adam NicholsonJim Shepard’s “Saving Private Ryan and the Politics of Deception” in The Believer (#24)-Robert Birnbaum

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What Birnbaum’s Reading

Metropolis – Elizabeth GaffneyCast of Shadows – Kevin GuilfoyleTorture and Truth – Mark DannerThe Stone Fields – Courtney Angela BrkicGod Lives in St. Petersburg – Tom BissellTropic of Night – Michael Gruber 100% Evil – Nicholas Blechman & Christoph NiemannReview of Deborah Lipstadt’s History on Trial by Charles Taylor ( Scocca’s hilarious send-up of the […]

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Lolita’s First Lines

Chris’s invitation to beginnings coincides with my obsession with this one. My husband introduced me to this first paragraph and I have to admit that when I first read it my eyes glazed over the surface like a marble on linoleum. As I have inched my way through the book and look back on those […]

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Bullshit, Elegant, Kafkaesque, Details

First a nod to Chris because the Garden State soundtrack has become the music that works its way to the top of the queue several times a day. It’s in rotation with Green Day’s American Idiot, an album I hadn’t listened to too much until the Rolling Stone cover story. But this is about what […]

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Hello to All That

You might have noticed we published an excerpt from John Falk’s memoir Hello to All That: War, Zoloft, and Peace. I got an advance copy of that book in the mail back in November when going through a sort of near-winter depression, and it helped quite a bit to read about someone who was so […]

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Katy Lederer

“I think it is extremely interesting to think that, in some cases, vice might be, finally, more redemptive than virtue.”

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Hell’s Half Acre and Starbucks

I’ve been carrying around a burnt-orange galley of Will Christopher Baer’s Hell’s Half Acre (one of the MacAdam Cage books that DIDN’T borrow its title from this website) for months, reading passages here and there, digesting it in a nonlinear sort of fashion. How else to treat a novel by a graduate of the Jack […]

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Tosches, Strauss, and Vonnegut (not Amber Frey)

What I’m not reading: Amber Frey’s (who ever she is) book Anything about Brad and Jen Curtis Sittenfield’s Prep The Boston Globe Boston Magazine Boston Herald What I am reading: Nick Tosches in Bookforum on “blurbs” Steve Rodrick at Slate on Sportswriters A Reuters feature on Gore Vidal Valley of Bones by Michael Gruber The […]

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The Divine Husband

I am reading the book “The Divine Husband” by Francisco Goldman. I love this book. During a search for “Francisco Goldman,” I was led to “Identity Theory” and the wonderful interview with Robert Birnbaum. My mother is a Guatemalan and my dad found her when he ventured into Guatemala in the early 60’s. The book […]

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Quotes from My Little Sister’s Writing Professor

“Never think. Thinking is of absolutely no use to writers.”

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Andy Behrman

Andy Behrman


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A Deeply Intellectual Review of Kate Atkinson’s Not The End of the World

Matt Borondy reviews Kate Atkinson’ Not the End of the World. Sort of.

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Jennifer Niven

Author Jennifer Niven

“As horrified as we are by disaster, I think we like to imagine what we would do in an avalanche on Mount Everest, a collapsed coal mine, a crashing plane, a sinking ship. Would we be heroic? Would we lose our nerve? Would the best or the worst in us surface? How would we react?”

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