Mara Naselli

Mara Naselli was once the nonfiction editor for She lives in Chicago.

A Civil Action

I just finished A Civil Action by Jonathon Harr, a masterly piece of research, reporting, and narrative. I recently picked up Among the Thugs by Bill Buford at a tiny used bookstore. Last I night finished Marilynne Robinson's "The Waste Land," a sharp, short piece published in an early issue of Granta and reprinted in […]

Truth in Memoir

James Frey gave the public what it was looking for, and was probably a little more subject to its whim than he realized.

Lolita’s First Lines

Chris's invitation to beginnings coincides with my obsession with this one. My husband introduced me to this first paragraph and I have to admit that when I first read it my eyes glazed over the surface like a marble on linoleum. As I have inched my way through the book and look back on those

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