Lisa Guidarini

As Much What I’m Reading as What I’m NOT

Well, there goes my winter reading! So, Rupert Murdoch pulled the plug on OJ. How will the literary world ever recover? But take heart! Maybe Anna Nicole will scramble to learn the alphabet super-quick and fill the void created by this tragic loss. But speaking of that void, let's hope Nicole Richie doesn't fall into […]

Mid-Week Reading Update

Lots of restless reading this week, resulting in an above-average number of books being tossed aside with great force. Part of it is a personal general malaise, so keep that in mind if you find the list somewhat shocking. I can't guarantee I'd feel differently about any of these books when my mood is better,

As Summer Turns Into Fall…

October?! Surely you jest. I turned my back for what seemed just a few days and weeks slipped by. Something is not right. What on earth have I been reading? Well, I haven't finished that much but drat if I haven't been reading at all. I have been dipping into Francine Prose's Reading Like a

Reading and Writing and Reviewing… Oh my!

Shouldn't shock anyone to hear this was another busy week. In addition to all my previous duties, as assigned, I'm now also freelancing for a local independent bookshop. I designed their first newsletter last week, and this week am working on their upcoming author signings. I'm not sure it gets much sweeter than that, but

Countdown to the Booker Begins

Now that the Booker longlist has been announced I'm eager to clear off my reading plate and sink my teeth into a few of the most likely candidates to eventually win the prize. In the blogging circuit two books seem to be getting the most buzz, David Mitchell's Black Swan Green and Kate Grenville's The

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