Kevin P. Keating

Kevin P. Keating is an instructor of English at Baldwin-Wallace College in Cleveland, Ohio. Before deciding to teach, he worked as a landscaper, a painter, a bookie's apprentice, and a boilermaker in the steel mills near Chicago and Cleveland. He has written columns for Numb Magazine and 63 Channels. His fiction has appeared in Exquisite Corpse, The Oklahoma Review, The Plum Ruby Review, The Fifth Street Review, Tattoo Highway, The Wissahickon, 3711 Atlantic, Keep Going, Fiction Warehouse, Thunder Sandwich and many others.

Dumb Lumbering Beasts

-1- Three men stood statue-like in an isolated corner of the otherwise bustling loft, gazing in mock adoration and secret scorn at the outlandish clay sculpture blocking their view of the rooftops, church steeples and crumbling smokestacks of Ohio City. The sculpture, by far the largest exhibit in the newly restored warehouse, seemed to wobble […]

The Diploma Mill

America has reached its highest level of adult illiteracy in decades. Although I cannot speak for education in general, I do believe there are several reasons why we are experiencing a crisis at the college level.

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