Jesslyn Roebuck

Jesslyn Roebuck used to help edit the Social Justice section of Identity Theory.

"It’s about Profit"

I received this link in response to the "How Much Longer" post a while back: "It's about profit. End the profit, and you end the problem." Has anyone seen the film, "LORD OF WAR"?

Little Lessons Learned so Early.

This is an email submission I received a while back. With the start of another school year, I thought it apt to reprint the exchange here. My daughter came home from Kindergarten: "I hate it. My teacher is nice, but there aren't ANY brown kids, and no brown teachers. Not anywhere. I don't think they

The Culture of Self-Deception

Yes, we can insist on a purging of public lies - a true reform. But we repeat a major blunder if we conclude that the problem of self-serving deception belongs to someone else. ''When I talk about the contaminated moral atmosphere,'' Havel presumed to tell his fellow citizens, ''I mean all of us.'' Read "the

Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel: Everything You Need to Know

As the tv networks give unlimited airtime to Israel’s apologists, the message rolls out that no nation, least of all Israel, can permit bombardment or armed incursion across its borders without retaliation. The guiding rule in this tsunami of drivel is that the viewers should be denied the slightest access to any historical context, or

The Peculiar Disappearance of the War in Iraq

AS America fell into the quagmire of Vietnam, the comedian Milton Berle joked that the fastest way to end the war would be to put it on the last-place network, ABC, where it was certain to be canceled. Berle's gallows humor lives on in the quagmire in Iraq. Americans want this war canceled too, and

How Much Longer? By Eduardo Galeano

07/28/06 " IPS " -- - One country bombed two countries. Such impunity might astound were it not business as usual. In response to the few timid protests from the international community, Israel said mistakes were made. How much longer will horrors be called mistakes? This slaughter of civilians began with the kidnapping of a

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