Jann Burner

Jann Burner has sold pieces to markets as varied as The San Francisco Chronicle, California Living, Sea Kayaker Magazine, Rolling Stone, Spirit Seeker, Path Finder, The Healing Path and Dag Od Tid (a leading newspaper in Oslo, Norway). He has a CD book available on Amazon.com about a shape shifting dolphin who dreams he is human called The Last Wooden House. He has articles on the Internet in sites as varied as Identity Theory and The Exquisite Corpse. He has lead an extremely eclectic life. He is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Radio-Television & Film. He has played drums in a rock and roll band. He's been an FAA Certified Air Traffic Controller. He's had his own radio show. He's been a film editor at a major network TV station. and he's been a taxi driver as well as an independent film maker and stock day trader. Jann is currently a certified hypnotherapist practicing with Dr. S.J. Sutton at Center Point Management, specializing in Past Life Regression work and Remote Spirit Clearing. (www.centerpointmanagement.com) There is a book in progress on their experiences entitled Spirit Seeker.

The Hit

I think
deer season (which started this weekend) freaks the deer out so
much that they start doing crazy things like running around hunting
for cars to crash into when they SHOULD be sleeping.

The Perimeter Man

Society and the people seem to want to be terminally
‘busy.’ Everyone wants a phone in the car. No one wants
any free-time. The assumption here is that free-time is wasted time,
time better spent getting stuff and getting ahead.

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