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Andrew Sullivan versus the Publishing Industry

Andrew Sullivan recently blogged, “If any industry deserves to go under, it’s the publishing industry.” See here.From an earlier Sullivan blog post — “The future is obviously print-on-demand, and writers in the future will make their names first on the web. With e-distribution and e-books, writers will soon be able to put this incompetent and […]

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Other Things Agents Don’t Like

Here’s a post from Miss Snark’s now-discontinued blog, with comments about what people are least likely to want to read about. The consensus reached: nobody will read a book where a child gets raped.I’ve attended convention panels that came to the same conclusion, one panel member after another insisting that the topic of child rape […]

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The End of Multiple Points of View

The same agent who said “Male point of view doesn’t sell” also refuses to consider novels that have multiple points of view. Oh well, I’m guessing Roberto BolaƱo probably never considered submitting The Savage Detectives to this individual anyway…My gut response is to say, “If it doesn’t have multiple points of view, it isn’t really […]

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The End of Male Point of View

“Male point of view doesn’t sell.” This is an actual quote from the literary agent of someone I know.Even when Charles Dickens was at the top of the bestseller lists, most readers were women. But as publishing comes to be more and more about the bottom line, Chris Goldberg reports that “… it’s gotten to […]

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Barriers to Hedonic Trade

Here’s a beautiful discussion from a few years back — some classical economists debating why it is that people don’t spend all their time having sex.I would be interested to see a similar analysis of why people don’t read all the time. Perhaps one could move on from there to determine what exactly is wrong […]

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Jon Raymond

jon raymond

Jon Raymond is the author of the novel The Half-Life and of the recently published short-story collection Livability.

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The White Tiger

Some books I read recently are The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke, and…

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A Woman Talking to Albatrosses About Monogamy

What got to me about Tim was his wanting the same things I did, his urge to understand everything. Nowadays I feel like I understand about all I can take.

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