Daniel Garrett

Daniel Garrett, born in Louisiana and a longtime resident of New York, a graduate of the New School for Social Research, is a writer of prose and poetry. His work has appeared in American Book Review, Anything That Moves, Art & Antiques, The Audubon Activist, Black American Literature Forum, The City Sun, Emerge, The Humanist, Option, The Quarterly Black Review of Books, Rain Taxi, and World Literature Today. He is the founder of the Cultural Politics Discussion Group (1989-1993), which took as its motto, "knowledge, discourse, friendship, and social responsibility," and explored art, books, film, music, philosophy, and politics. "I live the life of a single man, an artist, and a worker, and I think that the intellectual's fundamental responsibility is the making, unmaking, and remaking of his own mind," he says. Garrett admires the work of Anton Chekhov, Henry James, and Rainer M. Rilke. "I love and believe in literature," he says. "For all human beings, time and death are the eternal rhyme, but literature is the place where dream and reality meet, where past, present, and future meet, and literature, almost alone, stands a chance of outliving death," he concludes. (Garrett has written a novel, Heroes and Friends, yet unpublished, and has just written a play, An Enemy of the President.)

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