Colette LaBouff

Colette LaBouff's work has recently appeared in River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative, The Santa Monica Review, and Pacific Review. She is a founding committee member of the newly established Casa Romantica Poetry Series in San Clemente, California.

Featured Author: Colette LaBouff Atkinson

Colette LaBouff Atkinson was named our featured author this month for her contributions to Identity Theory over the years, including most recently her interview with writer Mark Monmonier. Colette LaBouff Atkinson's nonfiction has appeared or is forthcoming in Points of Entry, River Teeth, Santa Monica Review, Seneca Review, Small Spiral Notebook, and Los Angeles Times […]


Wife two was a stripper. And sweet, too. He traded her in for me, wife number three. To people I don't know, I say she was a dancer.

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