Christian Bauman

Christian Bauman is the author of three novels (The Ice Beneath You, Voodoo Lounge, and In Hoboken), as well as a series of regular contributions to NPR’s All Things Considered (2003-2006) documenting his life as a soldier, musician, writer, and young father. Bauman served in the US Army Waterborne in Somalia (1992-93) and Haiti (1994).

Chris Hedges (left) and Christian Bauman's father (right)

Our Father

Entwined contemplations of author Chris Hedges (War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning) and former ad-man Bruce Bauman, and their respective relationships to this essay’s author (a ne’er-do-well novelist and ex-soldier)...

The Commute (Hoboken, 1996)

On June 1, Simon & Schuster/Touchstone released Living on the Edge of the World, an anthology of essays from New Jersey writers about their home state. The book includes original selections from Tom Perrotta (Little Children), Joshua Braff (The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green), Jonathan Ames (Wake Up, Sir!), and many more refugee and remaining Jersey scribes. This brief piece from the anthology is adapted from Christian Bauman’s new novel, In Hoboken (Melville House, March 2008).

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