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Angie Kritenbrink was formerly an Assistant Editor at

unfinished books on my desk

Blue Angel by Francine ProseThis is not something I would normally pick up, but I read a good review of it AND at the beginning of summer I was a little bitter at academia for the selfish reason that I don’t have a full time job. So I wanted to relish this book, but the […]

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panty raid

A few weeks ago, in my review of Matt Mason’s new book, I was somewhat critical of some old poems he wrote about sex with a little too much self-awareness which perhaps did not benefit from his characteristic temperance.So then I was proven wrong when I went to his website and read “Ode to My […]

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Review of Matt Mason’s When the Bough Breaks

Angie Kritenbrink reviews prominent Omaha poet’s latest chapbook

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book sale books

I went to a book sale several weeks ago which benefitted 826 Seattle, a literacy program that is an offshoot of the San Francisco that the McSweeney’s people started. Among the books I picked up were Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson and The Last Life by Claire Messud.I read Guterson’s Our Lady of […]

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mona in the promised land

A very cute, multi-culti novel about Mona, daughter of Chinese immigrants growing up in a very Jewish New York suburb in the late 60’s. The first novel I have enjoyed in a while. Good summer reading.-angie kritenbrink

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the morning after

I recently read The Morning After: Sex, Fear, and Feminism by Katie Roiphe, the hot new book of about twelve years ago which I just got around to reading. Her general purpose is valuable; feminists, like any other -ists, have to be able to criticize themselves and question their ideologies to maintain relevance. Roiphe asks […]

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america: the audiobook

So, I’m temping again, and along with all of the dubious joys of temping comes the legitimately joy-inducing ability to listen to headphones for an entire shift, day after day. There are only so many times in one day I can listen to Bright Eyes’ I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning*, so I was off to […]

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swivel #2

How excited was I when I saw the new Swivel was on the shelves at newsstands in Seattle? Pretty excited. I reviewed the first issue for February’s Book Rate, so I will just add that the second issue is as good, as smart, and as entertaining as the first. It’s based here in Seattle, and […]

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radical teacher #71

Every time I visit a newsstand in Seattle, it seems like I find five new-to-me publications I HAVE to read. Last night was no exception; while at the Bulldog News in the U District I picked up Radical Teacher, a triennial “socialist, feminist, and anti-racist” teaching journal put out by the nonprofit Cambridge, MA Center […]

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angie’s favorite first lines

Why does it have to be fiction?Poetry:Ginsburg’s Howl“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed bymadness, starving hysterical naked,”Whitman’s Leaves of Grass“I celebrate myself,And what I assume you shall assume,For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.”Sharon Olds’s Satan Says(the whole first poem kicks ass)Memoir:Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged […]

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What I’m Not Reading and Why

I have all this great stuff sitting around my apartment to read. I am halfway through the Rothko bio that I have been picking up and putting down for weeks. I have a whole stack of books (and one video) about Rothko that I got from the library. I have another stack of magazines, including […]

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Mark Rothko and Willa Cather

This weekend I read Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady, which someone I knew back in Nebraska used to say was as good as if not better than The Great Gatsby (the “Great American Novel” of the same time period). I wish I could remember who used to say that, because I would like to give […]

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Review of Alice Munro’s Runaway

Angie Kritenbrink reviews Alice Munro’s newest collection of stories

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Review of Patricia O’Brien’s The Glory Cloak

The Glory Cloak, the new book by Patricia O’Brien, is a lot of fun to read.

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Review of Edwidge Danticat’s The Dew Breaker

Angie Kritenbrink reviews The Dew Breaker by Edwidge Danticat

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