Ali Fahmy

Ali Fahmy's fiction has appeared online in Identity Theory, Pindeldyboz, Exquisite Corpse, Eclectica, and Hobart. His non-fiction has appeared in the Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders. He's lived in Sweden (his birthplace), Egypt, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. He now lives in Los Angeles where he is writing a screenplay and working as an educational researcher at a university. Email:

Dinosaur House

I crave the heavy earth and stiff air of this city. That's why I stay here. I like the dusty museums of old houses, their bookcases the threshold of love and information. I make it to the Julianne's Mom's old mosquitoed house in the dead part of the night, half past midnight, crickets and neighbors' […]

The Gun On the Bed

Danny wakes up with a gun on his bed. He doesn't know how it got there. It seems like a rare coincidence or a prize for a lucky man, a reckless and slapdash man. There's a woman on the bed, too. The gun lies between them. He asks her "what's your name and is this

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