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Project Porchlight Launches In the US!

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, state representatives and concerned citizens gathered last Friday to celebrate the Vermont launch of Project Porchlight, an energy-saving initiative that started in Canada a few years ago. So far, Canadian volunteers have delivered more than 1.15 million free CFLs in their neighborhoods, saving more than $40 million in energy costs and […]

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Standing Up to Chevron

“It’s difficult to imagine the courage it takes to go against a huge corporation. Worse, an oil giant like Chevron. But Pablo Fajardo Mendoza and Luis Yanza are not afraid: They are convinced Ecuador and its people deserve a clean Amazon, and their conviction has led them to the final stages of what could be […]

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Design for Social Change

Design 21, an organization that sponsors design competitions for social good, is hosting a cool contest — designing a campaign for Millennium Promise. They are asking people to design a new media campaign that makes people aware of the Millennium Development Goals, which, when fulfilled by a set date of 2015 will help end poverty […]

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Programs Help Refugees Forge a New Life

For the nearly 50,000 refugees that came to the United States in 2007 (and the thousands that came before that), making it here is only the beginning of a long, hard, journey. The Association of Africans Living in Vermont is helping its 1,500-plus members make it here in the long run with innovative programming.The challenge […]

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Killing Ground, Healing Ground: An Interview with Photographer John Huddleston

Dilapidated Bathroom by John Huddleston

Armed with a camera, Middlebury College professor John Huddleston makes pilgrimages into the American landscape to capture touchstones for shared cultural memory.

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Agents of Social Change

Echoing Green is a neat organization that “invests in and supports outstanding emerging social entrepreneurs to launch new organizations that deliver bold, high-impact solutions.” They offer a two-year fellowship program to help a group of “visionaries develop new solutions to society’s most difficult problems.”This year’s slate of finalists promise some great problem-solving and good to […]

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Remember May ’68

Upon the fortieth anniversary of the May ’68 student protests in the streets of Paris, Patrice de Beer, former London and Washington correspondent for Le Monde, explores France’s politics of memory and finds the French caught between remembrance and forgetting. An interesting point with particular resonance: “Julie Coudry, the (possibly departing) president of the Confederation […]

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Earth Day Top Ten

It’s Earth Day’s 38th birthday…so get out there and celebrate, or at least consider doing one thing to benefit the environment on April 22. Here’s Identity Theory’s Top Ten things to do on Earth Day:1. Shake Some Action. Find out what you can do in your own city, town or neighborhood. Visit Earth Day Network, […]

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"A Pathetic Round of ‘Gotcha’ Questioning"

“For years now, I’ve grimaced when I see polls showing the persistent downward slope of public trust in the American news media. This Wednesday night, I could hardly blame that public.”-Jerry Lanson, Professor of Journalism-Emerson College professor Jerry Lanson reacts to Wednesday night’s presidential debate in “A Pathetic Round of ‘Gotcha’ Questioning,” and wonders:“Someone might […]

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Images from the Other Side

“Imagine if every week a televised roll call memorialized Iraq’s civilian casualties with individual portraits. If this were possible, we would witness, in full, the staggering human costs of Iraq’s occupation on a personal level. The politics of history dictate who is remembered and who is not, and most countries prefer to honor only their […]

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Perspectives on the Summer Olympics

Find out what the Dalai Lama and Tibet’s Prime Minister in exile have to say about this year’s Summer Olympics in China. Read the New York Times article “Dalai Lama Show Support for Games” and Good Magazine’s “Remember Tibet?”.

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Truckers Put On The Brakes

“On April 1, in a wave of defiance, truck drivers began taking the strongest form of action they can take: inaction. Faced with $4-per-gallon diesel fuel, they slowed down, shut down and started honking. On the New Jersey Turnpike, a convoy of trucks stretching ‘as far as the eye can see,’ according to a turnpike […]

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Colliding with Nature: An Interview with Jason Middlebrook

“Nature is always pressing, always growing up through the cracks,” he said. Middlebrook’s interest is the instant at which nature and humans collide, whether it be a natural disaster, or a weed growing in a parking lot.

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Super Site About EPA’s Superfund Program

Check out, a web site with daily updates about places where Americans live at risk to exposure to dangerous toxins, sites that Superfund, a “federal program that investigates and cleans up the most complex uncontrolled or abandoned hazardous waste sites in the country,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency, was created to clean-up. The […]

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Democracy Now! Celebrates MLK

Listen in to Democracy Now! for a special one-hour feature on Dr. King’s life and legacy, forty years after his assassination. The segment features Rev. Jesse Jackson, Harry Belafonte, Dr. Vincent Harding (who wrote King’s major antiwar speech, “Beyond Vietnam”), Taylor Rogers, Charles Cabbage, Jerry Williams, Judge D’Army Bailey — all friends, colleagues, and activists […]

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