Alexandra Tursi

Alexandra Tursi edits the Visuals section of Identity Theory and also contributes to our Social Justice Blog. She is a 2005 graduate of Cornell University, where she studied political science. She is also a writer for Artscope Magazine. You can email her at

Bitter Brew

The first lesson of economics is a simple and basic contention: one will act in one's own self-interest. In a global economy in which it could be successfully argued that multinational corporations have created oligarchies more powerful than some international political bodies, what becomes of developing nations, those nations on the brink of economic survival? …

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Unreal Reality: Chernobyl Ten Years Later

"Chernobyl showed us how dangerous is modern civilization's 'cult of force.' How glaring are the imperfections of this reliance on power and coercion above all else. How dangerous our modern worldviews are to us ourselves. How humanitarian man is lagging behind technological man." -Svetlana Alexievich- For her latest book, "Voices of Chernobyl," Svetlana Alexievich interviewed …

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