Author Strip Searches: Google Keyword Mashup Haiku

We get thousands of author-related queries on Google because of our author interviews. We also get more searches about dating a stripper than we can fathom due to an ancient article by Greg Bruns called "So you want to date a stripper?"

So, I thought, why not make haiku combining these searches?

Each line in the following poems comes from a recent Google request.


what a stripper wants:
jonathan safran foer,
black cock vigor gin


hitchens called princess
trying to find a stripper
she was almost there


dating a stripper
unhappy man coming home
writing like nick flynn


rick moody married
homeless girl in forest park--
don't date a stripper


russell banks, darling,
i got a stripper's number--
losing my cherry


you drove right passed me
trying to find a stripper,
susannah breslin


stephen elliott
we're going to disney world
you are a stripper

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