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Je est un autre. -Arthur Rimbaud

Nathaniel Heely lives and writes in Dallas.

Nathaniel Heely’s earliest written work took the form of song lyrics. He even had aspirations of being in a band with his childhood friend, Sean. Too many of these songs were influenced by the ‘90s boy band NSYNC, and critics and scholars have agreed that it is best they never saw the light of day.

Nathaniel Heely’s pseudonyms include Moses Finnegan, Chad Osric and Jude Quinn.

“You Are All Strangers and I Hope You Find Your Way to Heaven” will appear in Nathaniel Heely’s debut collection Poems from Darfur (Scribner, 2017). He lives abroad.

Nathaniel Heely questions daily the Church and Religion in which he was raised, though he still loves God.

Nathaniel Heely is the author of this book. This one that you are reading. Except this is the About the Author note, and technically this is not part of the fiction except in the case that Nathaniel Heely is fictional to his readers. That is, what can his readers say factually, actually, truthfully, knowingly, vividly about his entity? What do they know about him not presented within this volume, his first novel?

More than once, Nathaniel Heely has misread “pet peeve” as “pet perve.”

Nathaniel Heely’s work has been translated into seven different languages: French, Latin, Spanish, German, Ithkuil, Koine Greek and Russian. His newest work, N’Importequi, is a book-length reportage exploring the lives of vandals, pranksters, street thieves and graffiti artists and will be available worldwide May 2018.

Nathaniel Heely believes he has smoked his last cigarette.

Nathaniel Heely is unsure whether he can call himself a writer. He feels the compulsion to affix “aspiring” to this label.

If he could do it all over again, Nathaniel Heely would not once regret watching a single rerun.

Nathaniel Heely wonders what Jesus Christ’s author bio would have looked like. Would Jesus have boasted of his carpentry career? Would he attempt to deliver a fifty-word gospel? Was Jesus even literate?

Nathaniel Heely’s hobbies include basketball, watching cartoons, staring contests with the open fridge and wrestling with his dog.

No, Nathaniel Heely has never owned a pair of Heelys. His feet grew too quickly for that kind of investment.

Some of Nathaniel Heely’s earliest fiction involved him being a Jedi.

Nathaniel Heely would like to paraphrase JK Rowling paraphrasing Graham Greene: “My faith is that my faith will return.” 

Nathaniel Washington Heely was born at the height of the American Empire in the 1990s. He authored the epic America trilogy: “The Bombing,” “The Fall” and “Exile” and is considered to be one of the most valuable voices of later antiquity.

Nathaniel Heely was recently published by The New Yorker. The previous sentence is false.

Nathaniel Heely spends much of his free time writing. A large portion of this writing has never been written.

Nathaniel Heely is a sentence composer. He experiments with silence and blankness, though with the occasional blot and scribble.

Nathaniel Heely was drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in the 2nd round of the 2010 NBA draft. He came to prominence in his rookie year when he won Finals co-MVP and was voted to the NBA All-Rookie team. He currently plays for Panathinaikos B.C. in Athens and in the off-season is a regular guest of the Ben & Skin show on 105.3 The Fan.

Nathaniel Heely’s mother likes and follows his blog.

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Before his death in 2012, Nathaniel Heely produced a voluminous daily journal on his computer desktop titled “In Case of Amnesia.” The book is excerpted in part here and will be sampled in many literary magazines before its official release, slated for some time in early 2017.

Nathaniel Heely does not understand the need to speak in the third person. Suppose he called himself I? I live and write in Dallas. Well, a suburb, technically. Sometimes I write in Dallas city limits. Is this any cleaner? Clearer?

In all likelihood this byline is being skipped over. Regardless, a healthy judgment has likely already passed on its author, and the name and previous publications would do nothing that a cursory Google search couldn’t.

I am a jester in the King’s Court.

Nathaniel Heely reads, writes and publishes whatever he can get away with in Dallas—a suburb of Dallas—in Richardson.

Nathaniel Heely has always wished he could run faster. If he had, perhaps he would have remained quarterback sophomore year. He more or less grew into his body but still gets grief for his elongated stride. As a result he has developed a defense mechanism in which he insults his speed first, thereby giving others license to laugh at him.

Nathaniel Heely is not friends with his parents on Facebook.

Nathaniel Heely lives and writes, eats, sleeps, drinks, breathes, walks, speaks, listens, dreams, hides, watches, prays, hopes, defecates, urinates, vomits, spits, sleep talks, types, procrastinates, job-searches, soul-searches, confuses, elucidates, complicates, befriends, steals, loves, lies, fails, falls and asks in Dallas—a suburb of Dallas—in Richardson.

I am that I am. Which is the name of God.

At the age of 18 Nathaniel Heely was awarded a prize named after William Blake. To that point in his life he had only a bare familiarity with William Blake’s work, afforded by his private school education. For the large part of his life he has ignored literature outside the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, excepting that which is assigned to him within the classroom.

Nathaniel Heely is one of the founders of the Metamodernism cultural movement and is considered a scholar in the future’s cultural direction. He briefly participated in an act of Yellowism with Vladimir Umanets, until the latter’s arrest in 2012.

I am Siva the God of Death.

Nathaniel Heely is a conglomeration of voices that have merged into a refined, cooperative strategic agency. On their own, many of the minor voices were unprofitable, but in its twenty-four years of existence, the agency has transformed the industry as it looks to establish permanent ties in the business, financial, homemaking and educational sectors.

I am aspiring, in pursuit of…

Nathaniel Heely’s work is heavily influenced by a falsification of Woody Allen paraphrasing Groucho Marx paraphrasing Sigmund Freud: “I would never go to a session with a psychiatrist that would have me as a patient.”

I am that I am that I am, therefore I think, write, in Dallas—a suburb of Dallas—in Richardson.

Nathaniel Heely admires silence in individuals. He prefers Thomas Pynchon’s interview form to any others and wishes he had a bit of recluse in him. A recluse is like a monk, devoted to nothing but his doings. Yes, perhaps monks care about how they come across to other monks, but that is the extent of their vanity. The world is not supposed to understand them.

I am that Eye see—which is all but the eye of I.

Nathaniel Heely is most famous for his aphorism, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

Nathaniel Heely writes having no alternative to the silence and void.

Nathaniel Heely is all that he is not in the world.

I am a writer—aspiring, published, rejected, accepted, regarded, discarded, fictional.

Nathaniel Heely is not a poet; rather, he is a trapeze artist, though admittedly not very good, as audiences and hospital bills worldwide will attest.

Nathaniel Heely died in May 2015 on his twenty-fourth birthday having published no books, no novels, producing nothing of merit in the Western literary canon, having never won the Nobel Prize—for Literature, Peace, or otherwise—and having abandoned his father’s last name.

Nathaniel Heely is not a writer.

Nathaniel Heely does not live in Dallas.

I am not Nathaniel Heely.

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