Alice Walker: "America is not free"

In the Looking Glass: Some 25 Years After 'The Color Purple,' Alice Walker Reflects, and Sees a Rainbow (Washington Post)

At 62, Walker grounds her life in meditation and yoga, and she writes about things like "the root of the peace cradling me" and "the ecstatic nature of impersonal love" that bonds her with the Iraqi women and children who so concern her.

But she can still energize a crowd. Speaking at Politics and Prose on Wednesday night, she went on a political tear, denouncing both parties, denouncing the Bush administration, denouncing the war. From all corners of the room came echoes of "uh-huh" and "that's right," punctuated with clapping and laughter.

"America is not free," she told her audience, " . . . and everyone knows it and can see it!"

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