Against an Imperial Internet

Bill Moyers and Scott Fogdall have a piece about the future of the Internet on

"The Bush majority on the FCC has bowed to the interests of the big cable and telephone companies to strip away, or undo, the Internet's basic DNA of openness and non-discrimination. When some members of Congress set out to restore network neutrality, they were thwarted by the industry's high spending lobbyists. This happened according to the standard practices of a rented Congress--with little public awareness and scarce attention from the press. There had been a similar blackout 10 years ago, when, in the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Congress carved up our media landscape. They drove a dagger in the heart of radio, triggered a wave of consolidation that let the big media companies get bigger, and gave away to rich corporations--for free--public airwaves worth billions." [More...]

Note: Bill Moyers is hosting "The Net At Risk," a documentary special airing tomorrow on PBS.

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