A Spy’s Fate, or "What Birnbaum’s Reading"

A Spy's Fate by (supposedly the godfather of Cuban noir) Arnaldo Correa

A Practice of Deceit by Elizabeth Benedict

Sam Harris's Atheist Manifesto at TruthDig.com

The Lost by Daniel Mendelsohn

Going Sane: Maps of Happiness by Adam Phllips

Don't I Know You? by Karen Shepard

The Economics of Attention
by Richard Lanham

Joe Bageant's weblog on Terry Gross, which begins:

Having come to understand that mainstream media are in the business of selling fried chicken and cars, giving Wall Street head, and stealing bandwidth from the public's airwaves, none of us expect them to question anything afoot in the empire. We quite understand they cannot be wasting profitable air time on a nation whose collective memory is 30 seconds long. So we watch them pull their punches and wait for the commercials, which are their whole point anyway. If, god forbid, you are the pointy headed type interested in details, turn on NPR. And if you consider yourself hipper than the couch taters out here in Budland, go onto the net and visit Salon. Or if you are so worldly and hip you are a downright commie, then subscribe to Mother Jones. That's the way it used to be...

-Robert Birnbaum

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