"A Pathetic Round of ‘Gotcha’ Questioning"

"For years now, I've grimaced when I see polls showing the persistent downward slope of public trust in the American news media. This Wednesday night, I could hardly blame that public."
-Jerry Lanson, Professor of Journalism-

Emerson College professor Jerry Lanson reacts to Wednesday night's presidential debate in "A Pathetic Round of 'Gotcha' Questioning," and wonders:

"Someone might just as well have asked: 'Senator, are you or were you ever a member of the Communist Party? A sympathizer, perhaps? Because the tenor of the questions at times seemed vaguely reminiscent of the '50s, the early '50s when Joseph McCarthy took his communist witch hunt from the State Department to Hollywood."

Meanwhile, FactCheck.org puts what both candidates said to the test. Read it all here.

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