A Diseased Health Care System

"Five years ago last month, the Institute of Medicine released a congressionally-mandated report, Unequal Treatment, concluding that minority patients receive a lower quality of health care than whites - even after taking into account differences in health insurance and other economic and health factors. Authored by a blue-ribbon panel assembled by the nation's foremost health and science advisory body, the report went on to say that such inequalities in health care carry a significant human and economic toll and therefore are 'unacceptable.' Yet despite these urgent appeals, little has been done to address disparities - leaving too many Americans vulnerable to inequitable and inadequate health care."
-Brian D. Smedley and Alan Jenkins-

Smedley, Research Director of The Opportunity Agenda, and Jenkins, Executive Director of The Opportunity Agenda, make recommendations for ending inequality in health care in their article "Unhealthy Inequality".

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