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Mapping a Country

Keke Napep in Nigeria

Am I cutting myself? Does the country hurt much? Why are you crying?

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Why We Need to Fight for Women’s Access to Healthcare

Women's Health Signs

Republican alternatives to the ACA pose threats to women, the elderly, the disabled, and young people looking for health care access.

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Make America Read Again

The True Flag book

Sadly, the news cycle has been laden with reports and opinings relating to the nightmare Bedlamite regime that hastens over the American Empire.

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On James Jones and the Limits of “Eternity”: An Interview with Tony Williams

James Jones The Limits of Eternity cover

There’ve been other negative eras in American history, but there’s always been that spirit of resilience and resistance.

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What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus and Trump Protesters

“I think Christians took a big stand this time and said we’re going to stand up for our faith [by electing Trump].”

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Why Trump is Attacking the “Failed” New York Times

NY Times: Spiro Agnew Resigns

You might think Anderson Cooper will save you. Listen closely: Anderson Cooper isn’t going to save you.

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Letters to Trump’s American Muslim Registry

Just discovered Schopenhauer. Blew my mind. Taking a break from Islam. Will call back in an hour w/ update.

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5 Ways You Can Be As Smart As Trump

I'm a Smart Guy

I decided to stop tipping. Why give money to waiters? They’ll just squander it. Think about it: that’s 20% of every meal cost right back in my pocket. BOOM.

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