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A Dreamy Look: A Review of Diane Williams’s Vicky Swanky Is a Beauty

Vicky Swanky cover

If flash fiction appeals to a new, attenuated attention span among some readers, Diane Williams’s stories reward expanded attention and encourage rereading.

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What Becomes by A.L. Kennedy

cover of what becomes by a.l. kennedy

The stories in A.L. Kennedy’s What Becomes seem driven by two entities: the author’s brain and her prose appendage. The latter is so alive it appears to possess a separate language pulse. In heightened moments Kennedy uses language to bind thought to physical sensation, which in turn stimulates a replicated response in the brain of the reader. This simulated experience is what makes her stories so striking and also intense.

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Gary Lutz’s Stories in the Worst Way

Philip Christman reviews the Calamari Press reissue of Lutz’s 1996 collection

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