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Instructions for When It’s Too Late

Central Park Runner - photo by mckaysavage on Flickr

You have never thought of yourself as someone who is embarrassed by her body—you’re a college athlete!—but you will be, intensely so.

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What Coy Said

Blonde Girl

She said this in the bed of a boy named Jeff, who wasn’t really a boy.

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Queen of the Damned


Lucy is pregnant. She calls the clinic and makes an appointment for her fourth abortion. She is twenty-three.

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Joe Quirk

Joe Quirk

Have you ever asked yourself the deepest philosophical question that drives all introspection, which is: Why am I so neurotic and screwed up? Well, stop blaming your mother. It’s because you have three brains, and they have never once agreed on anything.

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The Passion of Gary: 1982’s The Last American Virgin

The final moments of the forgotten classic The Last American Virgin are what elevate the picture from cultural curiosity to subversive brilliance.

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Disney and the Erotic Art of Dying

Joe made plans earwhispering elsewhere with hands in her back bluejean
pockets finding his, his what?, what were we looking for afterall
those barlikely nights?

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My Cherry

I didn’t like Cherie at first. Her ankles were too thick, which spoke of things in other parts of her body. And she was very tan, a dark, burnt orange kind of tan, which made those ankles look like roasted meat. You don’t want a woman to be edible in that way.

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Just Like Normal Girls

I’d been watching a lot of porn starring
fat girls, which at first I thought was pretty sicko, but then I
started to think it was kind of intriguing, and really almost sexy.

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Navel Gazing

Halfway between head and genitalia, not strictly sexual, but, like Spears herself, "not that innocent" either, the belly button is a liminal marker.

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The Soldier, the Squid, and the Dancer

Me and Jimmy Two-Balls and Xerox were still in a line platoon and were deploying in four days — four days and we’d be back in the desert; a different one, but desert all the same — which is why I hadn’t done such a great job setting up Norm’s bachelor party.

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d. I saw one of her breasts when I was ten. We were celebrating 4th of July and she had caught a spark that flew into her bikini.

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Close Your Eyes

She points to her mouth but doesn’t say a word. He stands up and quietly puts his pants on. Then, she wakes up.

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sex $75, santa monica boulevard

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Anthony Giardina

Anthony Giardina

“I think there is something about the fixedness of male sexuality that is comforting to us. Or the alleged fixedness.”

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So You Want to Date a Stripper?

So you got a stripper’s phone number, huh?

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