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On Pandering and Growing Stupid Together: Monday’s Margins

You Are Not Entitled to My Body

Claire Vaye Watkins on pandering and Pankaj Mishra on growing stupid together–plus a profile of Roger Angell.

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“The life-extending capacities of the convertible automobile…” -July 14, 2003

I do believe that a rainy day is a good day to extoll the life-extending capacities of the convertible automobile. And because I have already opined at length on the incapacity of millions of American automobile drivers in the preface to my automatically written (but as yet unpublished) memoir, Who’s Listening?, I can now freely […]

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Roger Angell

I don’t want to be thought of as a monument. I want to keep asking myself, "Is this new piece any good?" That’s the main thing.

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