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How To Read Rejection Letters

A rejection letter means “I have many stories to choose from, and my gut feeling is that I don’t want this one.”

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Time Frame for Resending a Query to an Agent: Magic Bullet Q&A for Writers

Q: What is the time frame for resending a query to an agent and should I requery? (I have received many, many replies to my queries that simply state the agent or agency is too overloaded and cannot handle any new projects.)

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Decoding a Rejection Letter: Magic Bullet Q&A for Writers

When I talk with working writers, they always ask about rejection. How many times should you be rejected before you give up?

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“You Call Those Nipples?”

You pour it all into a poem: your skeleton, your bile, your oozing primordial remnant—your private parts. To be told that the fundamental you is not up to snuff—that’s hard murder.

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