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Black Life Matters: Killer of Sheep Review

Killer of Sheep movie poster

Her body language, the deep darkness, the shot, the music, says it all: what are we supposed to be doing in here?

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This’ll Be the Day That I Die

Don McLean American Pie

The lyrics were incomprehensible to me at the time, but I knew even then that I wanted to be Miss American Pie.

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Stranger on the Seine

Photo by Micah McCrary

Normally my being black makes my being American complicated, but in Paris I found myself perhaps saved by my nationality, by a particular foreignness, with my blackness possibly somewhat overlooked.

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Normal, IL movie theater

“There will be people who’ll cross the street to avoid you because you’re black,” my mother would tell me when I was younger, in every conversation or argument about race we ever had.

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In New York City, in the spring of 1999, a story hit the newspapers of a Long Island woman who had given birth to twins–one white and one black. The woman and her husband were white and the black baby was not theirs…

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