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Used Book Review: Pocket Kings, by Ted Heller

Pocket Kings by Ted Heller

A middle-aged loser-ish writer struggling to shop his shockingly misanthropic third novel falls into a pit of literary despair but discovers that he has a natural talent for online poker.

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Interview: Michael Kimball, Author of Big Ray

Michael Kimball author photo

“I knew I felt released after writing the novel, but I could never quite articulate it. And I think it was that – the shame that many abused people have to face down – I had done it in writing the novel.”

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Binion’s Room 1016

The novelty of lodging in the Positively Fifth Street room is somewhat lost on me — it’s just like the last room I was in, only slightly more literary.

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The Literature of Poker

Anyone with an email account or a television is aware that the popularity of the game of poker is at an all-time high.

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Katy Lederer

“I think it is extremely interesting to think that, in some cases, vice might be, finally, more redemptive than virtue.”

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